Ascot Diet Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose in a month?I am taking injections; can I eat what I want?

There is no miracle injection or tablet anywhere on the market, you must eat the correct amount of calories to create a calorie deficit, and the medication will take care of the rest by breaking down fat and stimulating the metabolism. You must use your own fat as a fuel source and not the cupcakes, sugar or fat!

Will the weight pile back on when I stop the injections?

The injections are homeopathic and not hormone based so we are not messing with the endocrine system. The only way you will pick up weight when you stop is if you go back to your old eating patterns and take in too many calories. Any excess will be stored as fat.

Why do you prescribe 1.5l of water a day?

This is because we are aiming to shrink the stomach. If it is filled with water and food at any given time, it cannot shrink; it will be filled up like a balloon. Rather drink between meals or half an hour before. Excess water can cause electrolyte imbalances so too much can also be bad. Use your urine as a guide; if it is dark, you need to drink more until it is clear.

Is this a high protein diet?

No, we do include all food groups including low GI bread and grains and pasta. The eating plan is balanced and designed by a dietician so you will be eating protein, good carbohydrates, good fats, fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

Do I have to go to the gym when doing the Ascot diet?

No, it is not imperative but any extra movement will help tap into your fat reserves. Park a bit further away from the entrance of the shopping centre, take the stairs, walk the dog, just try to move a bit more. This will benefit your overall health as well as assist in weight loss.

Are you open on weekends?

No, Monday to Friday. I see new clients from 09:00 in the morning by appointment. Once you are an established client, you may pop in before work for follow up appointments between 6:30 and 09:00am.

Does this programme work for men?

Most certainly, men have excellent results.

Why do we have to avoid salt?

When you eat something salty, any excess sodium is deposited just beneath the skin, where it attracts water, which is retained by your cells. Not only can this leave you feeling puffy and bloated, but it can hamper your ability to lose weight. Your body needs a steady flow of water in and out to effectively metabolize fat, and if the water gets dammed up in your cells, your ability to burn fat slows. Rather opt for herbal salts or salt with reduced sodium content.

Why must the injections be kept in the fridge?

This is to avoid any contamination or bacterial growth. Once the glass vial is opened, it must be stored in the fridge.

Why can you not train weights in the first two weeks?

When weight training, your body can produce plasma that transports blood and nutrients to the muscles, as they are being stimulated to grow. This can weigh up to a kg and could prevent the scale moving and cause one to be de-motivated. Weight training is excellent for burning fat so please resume after week two of starting. Muscle does take up less space than fat but is four times as dense, so the scale will not move as fast.

Why will I feel miserable and nauseous in the first few days?

Our fat cells store toxins that are in our food. Farmers include growth hormones, anti biotics and pesticides in the food we eat. Our body stores these in the fat and when the injections start to break down our fat reserves, these toxins are released to be drained through the lymphatic system. This could cause you to feel miserable but most clients only have a headache for a little while or NO symptoms at all. I do offer a vitamin B injection that is part of the package if this is an issue.

Can I be on the programme if I am breast feeding or pregnant?

No, rather wait until you have stopped breastfeeding. It is not fair on your baby to place him or her on a diet!

I work long hours and cannot get to you, can you help?

Most certainly. I post medication all over South African via Speed Services overnight. I will then send detailed instructions on how to complete the programme. You will obviously not be able to weigh weekly with me but can do so at home and let me know your progress.

Can I drink alcohol while on the programme?

The liver is responsible for breaking down fat so every time you drink, this function is halted in order to deal with the alcohol toxin. We are all human so a glass of wine or whisky with mineral water will not be too detrimental but do try to avoid drinking especially in the first two weeks. It will just slow your progress.