How the products work:

The diet itself can be explained as follows:

The stomach, being the main organ contributing to the stimulation of our metabolism, is a muscle. Over the years we have eaten excess portions than required by the body and the end result is a stretched stomach muscle.

Being overweight means that our stomachs are used to the amount of high quantity food consumed on a daily basis and the metabolism will only be stimulated if the stomach is full. (Receptors stimulating metabolism are situated in the muscle wall of the stomach). You will start developing cravings for sugar and carbohydrates if your daily food consumption is not balanced because your metabolisms’ need is still high and cannot provide the necessary energy your body requires to function sufficiently.

“Dankie Nicole vir alles! Ek kan nou weer in a swembroek inpas! Jy was ongelooflik”


With help from Ascot’s carefully formulated solution your appetite will be suppressed firstly, meaning you will stay full for longer with smaller portions and secondly your metabolism will be increased without the stomach being full. Conclusion = your stomach muscle will start shrinking!

When you reach your goal weight, you won’t slip back into your old eating habits because your body does not need the extra food any more. Don’t force yourself to eat more than your stomach allows because then you will start storing fat again and gain weight.

Decreasing your food portion sizes isn’t easy; that is why additional vitamin supplements are added to your monthly package, to keep you mentally and physically ready for a life style change.

“Rode the 94.7 (97.4 actually) on Sunday and finished in a time of 5h05 which is 42 mins quicker than my last one. I enjoyed it and did not walk at all, not even up the hills. Part of this is thanks to you and your diet as it is far easier riding up the hills without that extra 20kg so thank you. On Sat I went to have all checked out before the race and was very chaffed”


There are two options on the Ascot Programme:

Injection Option

The injections are a homeopathic fat burner that is totally safe with no side effects other than weight loss. Injections are given form a 1ml diabetic needle and are painless.

Amount of injections required is determined as follows:

  • Up to 8kg – 3 injections per week (total of 12 over 4 weeks)
  • 8 to 18kg – 4 injections per week (total of 16 over 4 weeks)
  • 18kg and upwards – 5 injections per week (total of 20 over 4 weeks)

This option includes weekly or daily visits to the clinic, weight, body fat and measurement monitoring, various eating plans including a special eating plan for diabetics. Along with the injections there are various medications for the various stages of your diet. Results depend on how well you follow our instructions and how well you co-operate with us. The first consult will take approximately 30 minutes for the programme to be explained and BMI, weight and body fat percentage to be measured.

Indicated for:

  • Clients with a high BMI which could lead to potential health risks
  • Clients with Hypertension or High Cholesterol
  • Clients who need to lose body mass before surgery
  • Clients who want to experience a better quality of life, look better and feel more confident about their bodies.

Contra Indications:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding woman

“Nicole, you have changed my life and I will be eternally grateful! I was a frumpy, unhappy 88kg when I met you and thanks to your patience, kindness and dedication, you have helped me on the road to health and happiness. I am no longer dependent on diabetes medication and anti depressants, my blood pressure is normal and I look smoking HOT at 58kg!!”


Month Pack Option

This does not include consults in the clinic and is done on your own. Included in the month pack is a kilo joule controlled eating plan with an instruction brochure as well as kilo joule controlled recipes for a healthy lifestyle. There is also a chart to monitor your weight and cm losses.

None of our products contain any banned or illegal substances and can be traced back fully to the Ascot Pharmacy who has to adhere to strict controls as set out by the Medicines Control Council.

“Hi Nicole, for somebody that had never been on diet before you certainly make the road an easier one. Your professionalism, knowledge and healthy attitude is always appreciated and keeps me motivated. Thank you!”


Remember: Lose the weight you want with support from us throughout your program.

“In two months I reached my goal from 71.3kg to 58kg. I’ve never felt so good in my life! My family and friends that have not seen me in a while could not believe how good I look. Thank you Nicole and Ascot Diet Clinic for all the help and advice. BUT with the right mind set ANYBODY can do it!!”