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We use homeopathic injections to speed up your metabolism and thereby breaking down your own body fat to use as energy. We change our medicine throughout the diet as well as changing different meal plans to obtain optimum metabolism and safe weight loss. This means that we work closely with you throughout the weight loss program. All our meal plans are safe weight loss and a balanced meal.

Yes as long as your meal plan contains the right amount of kilojoules. We prefer however that you use our meal plans, because we know that they contain the correct amount of kilojoules. You may use a meal plan that is totally too high in kilojoules and you will lose nothing or even gain weight.

No. We use food that you will normally have in your house. In fact you can eat almost anything if you watch your kilojoule intake.

We know that our diet plan has a relative high price. However, during a survey that was done in 2010 involving about 15 different diet plans. That means we are cheaper than most of our competitors. There is always a price to pay for an excellent product that really works.

Our pharmacist developed an interest in weight loss in the year 2000. All the medicine we use were carefully selected from products on the market and they all compliment each other for optimum weight loss. Each meal plan that we use were worked out by him to ensure that you will get balanced meals with the correct amount of kilojoules.

100% safe. We had no adverse effects in the 11 years that we have been using them.


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