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At Ascot Diet Clinic we use homeopathic injections to increase metabolism and break down fat. This is combined with various medicines to assist you with your diet. Most of the products we use are natural and all the products are absolutely safe.

Losing weight is possible and with a little help from Ascot Diet Clinic's homeopathic injections it's in your reach to lose the desired weight and maintain your weight when you've completed the diet. Our pharmacist Paul van den Berg was very thorough in formulating the ultimate combination of natural stimulations to suite each individual and our Professional Franchise owners are the driving force to help keep you motivated with the diet plan, with regular recording and assistance for each individual.


My name is Nicole and I run the Ascot Diet Clinic.

I picked up 40kg with my son 25 years ago and battled for years to shed the excess weight.
I tried every diet there is, I could write a book!
I lost and gained and battled along managing to lose 17kg over five years. Then I discovered Ascot.
I shed my last 18kg over three months on the Ascot programme and have now kept my weight off for 15 years! (and had another child during that time!)
I lost a total of 35kg over the years and now weigh 55kg, the same I did the day I got married. I am 52 years old and proof that your goals can be achieved at any age.

With a little bit of effort and planning anyone can achieve their dream body.

I am passionate about helping people lose weight and it is my aim to walk you through this weight loss journey and be with you every step of the way. I have been there and understand how it feels to be over weight so can relate to all the issues you are dealing with.

Much love,
Nicole xx


What I do

My aim is to assist overweight people to lose weight safely with the use of our natural products and homeopathic fat burning injections. I will prescribe different medicine at different stages of your diet, provide balanced and easy eating plans and teach you how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Our products do not contain any harmful or banned substances. I offer support and motivation throughout your weight loss journey until it becomes a new way of life.

Anybody can lose weight successfully and permanently by adhering to a few simple rules. Most importantly, the Ascot programme should be seen as a lifestyle, not a diet. Most people who gain their weight after losing it, blame the diet that they were on for the weight gain. NO diet can make you gain weight afterwards! Take responsibility for your own actions. What you put in your mouth is your decision. Only by reverting back to your old unhealthy eating patterns, will you pile on the weight again.

There is only one way to lose weight and that is to take in fewer kilojoules than your body requires for the day to function. That way you force the body to use its own fat reserves for energy. It is a simple maths equation, if you take in more kilojoules than your body requires, you will gain weight . Anything you eat in excess will be stored as fat. Getting the balance correct is crucial. The body is like a bucket, you only need what is necessary to fill it, any spillage is only going to your hips and thighs!

Our eating plans are balanced and contain a variety of foods that teach the metabolism to reset, no high protein or fad diets. With age our metabolisms do change and we tend to gain weigh more easily, but we teach you to make the right choices and to maintain the weight you have lost. We need to use food as fuel and not for pleasure. Healthy food can be exciting and tasty so you will not be starving or deprived. The better you stick to our program, the quicker you will lose weight and see results. Commitment and self discipline is the key to a beautiful, healthy body. No amount of training or gym will work without proper nutrition. The body beautiful principle is 80% diet, 10% training and 10% genetics.


3 Injections Weekly R 1980

This package is ideal if you have 2-8kg to lose


4 Injections Weekly R 2095

This package is ideal if you have 9-17kg to lose


5 Injections Weekly R 2260

This package is ideal if you have more than 18kg to lose

10 Years Experience

Working closely with Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Ascot Diet Clinic will use their 10 years’ experience to stage a reality program for contestants to safely lose as much weight as possible by using our program as well as exercise programs. Ascot Diet Clinic has revolutionized the weight loss industry with hands on approach to weight loss. Its not only about a diet but it’s a lifestyle change that is completely manageable through the Ascot diet plan team.

No exercise required

A diet plan that includes injections to speed up metabolism, appetite suppressants and a well-balanced nutritional eating plan is the cornerstone of the Ascot Diet plan. A one on one weekly appointment with our Ascot Diet Clinic team not only helps with maintaining your diet but also allows for weekly weigh-ins and gives you the necessary support as you undergo this life altering change. The Ascot Diet plan is so innovative that little to no exercise is needed but participation in an activity is always encouraged.

Fits perfectly into your lifestyle

Ascot Diet Clinic has devised a plan and formula that fits perfectly into your life whether you are a workaholic, a student or just somebody who is tired of being overweight, exercise is a good start but more needs to happen. It’s well documented that the older you get exercise alone can’t help and in some cases very few people can maintain a lifetime exercise program.

Well no more worries call our clinic today and find out about the Ascot Diet Clinic or the Ascot Meal Plan which can be used in conjunction with the Diet plan or on its own if you’re interested in eating better without the hassle of being on a complete diet.



At Ascot Diet Clinic you can safely lose up to 4kg in the first week, thereafter the second week may stabilize at +- 2kg in weight loss. By the end of the second week you should see centimetre loss. Try on all of those "skinny clothes". Weeks may fluctuate between kilogram loss and centimetre loss.

DO NOT place too much emphasis on the scale (centimetre loss is what counts!!!). Follow the eating plan exactly. You may feel tired and lethargic in the first week. THIS IS NORMAL. NO WEIGHT TRAINING in first two weeks, ONLY CARDIO. No snacking in between meals, rather chew sugar free gum. DO NOT exceed 1 1/2 litres of liquid per day (includes tea, coffee and diet cool drink etc.), UNLESS you are training or working outdoors. Have supper as early as possible.


At Ascot Diet Clinic we use injections to increase the metabolism and break down fat. This is combined with various medicines to assist you with your diet. Most of the products we use are natural and all the products are absolutely safe. No Side effects. We have successfully treated more than 7000 people from 12 years and up.

Results depend on how well you follow our instructions and how well you co-operate with us. We can give you referrals from countless people who lost between 20-40 kilograms, and kept their weight. We even have customers in England, Dubai and Australia. The mixture helps control appetite and gives you energy; and must be taken 30 minutes before meals. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, see your doctor by week three as your blood pressure will settle and normalize, and you may be over medicating yourself .



“Hi Nicole. Thank you for everything you do! I am so blessed to have you as a coach. I am so chuffed with the results and are continuing to make progress in healthy eating that will be a permanent lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.”

“Hi Nicole thank you so much – your knowledge, guidance and advice is absolutely incredible and so sincerely appreciated you have no idea!!”

“I just want to say thank you so much!!! After your post on the Ascot Facebook page about gluten intolerance I’ve figured out what’s wrong! The symptoms exactly describe me! I’ve done some research and that’s the answer! That post has changed my life in a single day! Thank you”

“Hi Nicole, its been 2 weeks today. I lost a total of 5kg already, and LOTS of centimetres. I feel GREAT. Good not to have that “heavy feeling” when you have to get up from the couch etc. I can also say that my skin looks good as well!!! Will keep you informed.”

“Nicole, thanks for all your help, support and guidance on my weight loss journey.Your passion to help people reach their ultimate weight loss goal is truly inspiring. Thanks for walking my journey with me.”

“Dankie Nicole vir alles! Ek kan nou weer in a swembroek inpas! Jy was ongelooflik”

“Rode the 94.7 (97.4 actually) on Sunday and finished in a time of 5h05 which is 42 mins quicker than my last one. I enjoyed it and did not walk at all, not even up the hills. Part of this is thanks to you and your diet as it is far easier riding up the hills without that extra 20kg so thank you. On Sat I went to have all checked out before the race and was very chaffed”

“Nicole, you have changed my life and I will be eternally grateful! I was a frumpy, unhappy 88kg when I met you and thanks to your patience, kindness and dedication, you have helped me on the road to health and happiness. I am no longer dependent on diabetes medication and anti depressants, my blood pressure is normal and I look smoking HOT at 58kg!!”

“Hi Nicole, for somebody that had never been on diet before you certainly make the road an easier one. Your professionalism, knowledge and healthy attitude is always appreciated and keeps me motivated. Thank you!”

“In two months I reached my goal from 71.3kg to 58kg. I’ve never felt so good in my life! My family and friends that have not seen me in a while could not believe how good I look. Thank you Nicole and Ascot Diet Clinic for all the help and advice. BUT with the right mind set ANYBODY can do it!!”


Kempton Park


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